Salvage City, St. Louis, and Mound City Auctions

by Rob Weiman


Salvage City, St. Louis, and Mound City Auctions

I wrote previously about Emergency Auctions, and Surprise Auctions and how Mound City Auctions had to pull a rabbit out of our hat and conduct an auction in less than a week, only to have someone working on a show for the Discovery Channel call  after the auction asking if we could come downtown and do an auction right then for a TV show they were filming.

St. Louis Emergency Auction
My Daughter Ali helping at the Emergency Auction

They had been working on a show that they were calling “Rust Belt Raiders”  (the Discovery channel later changed the name to Salvage City) and had filmed 6 episodes previous and now were scheduled to film the final episode where an auctioneer sells the items they have re-purposed, only the auctioneer was a no-show.  They were in a real tight spot, they had the producer, several assistant producers, at least 4 cameramen, several sound guys, a whole crew, dozens of bidders, a rented facility and no auctioneer.

We live in the suburbs of St. Louis and I told them we could be there in 1/2 hour. I could not reach my daughter so we had to go without her. I did not know when we agreed to the auction if it was a benefit auction or some other type of auction. We learned the details after we arrived on the site to conduct the auction.  A local production company (Cool Fire Productions) had been filming a show for the Discovery channel.

The concept was that a small crew of people were “raiding” local long abandoned buildings, removing items (things that were often in pieces) and turning them into new re-purposed items. The items were there and they were stunning. I could not believe what these guys had done. You could see what the things used to be and they were nothing but garbage fit only for a trip to the scrap dealer. They used their imagination and made they something I could sell. It was cool, it was art. I was really glad I said yes. Watch the show and see for yourself. I am looking forward to seeing the whole story. Speaking of the whole story, you might be wondering how the auction went. You will have to keep wondering, I promised I would not tell. Remember we were tired, worn out and cold, but then we are auctioneers and we are used to working long hard jobs, and against long odds. Salvage City airs this Sunday Dec, 22, 2013 on Discovery. Check your local schedule for the time.

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